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"Our school is a promise of excellence in fields connected with the development of a child. Our methods of teaching and contents of syllabi ensure that the child keeps his cultural moorings intact yet imbibes the best of scientific, technological and philosophical thoughts of the world at large; that way he/she reaps the benefit of a balanced personality in this complex world."

Bharat Kumar Tholia

"It is our endeavour to make learning a pleasant experience for the learner. The affection and love bestowed on the tiny-tots by our faculty members is second to their mother's only. This builds a bond between the teacher and the taught, thus the two-way communication, known as education, starts spontaneously. We restrict the teacher -taught ratio to 1:30 except a few exceptions to make this communication more effective."

Mrs. A. Dolly Pathak

"As a policy our school passes on the best that has been thought and said in the field of child education. Even the best of endeavour will fail if a prior meticulous planning of lessons is not done. Teaching aids, in which computer and e-classroom play the parts of a tool, are important vehicles of passing on the course content to the child. This makes learning a joy in the elementary classes but above all the skill of a teacher matters the most."

Ashima Pathak Gandhi
H. M.

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